good luck, chicken

Chicken has flown the coop.
My little gecko finally found a way to sneak out and start a new life somewhere else. Geckos are sneaky little bastards and the very small openings (the kind you wouldn’t take note of) were just large enough for him.
Perhaps he’s off fighting lizard related crime
maybe he’s growing fat and tyrannical on the excess spiders
or he’s decomposing in a pile of ghengis turn in the front yard.
goodbye, Chicken! I wish you luck in whatever adventures your lizardy life brings you (until you freeze to death this winter)

Firday is the REAL hump day

pointless conversations
coworker: you have flowers on your underpants
me: I know
cw: I can see them
me: i’m sure
cw: doesn’t that bother you, why did you wear them with those pants?
me: no, it doesn’t bother me, what really bothers me is that I haven’t done laundry in forever