the tides and the wishes and the how-do-you-do’s

Lord. Busy. So much to write about.
Sadly, i’m going to subject you to one of those bulleted let-my-minutia-hump-your-face posts

  1. Saturday night was my sister’s birthday party. Happy 33rd, April! After the party I leanred to drive a stick because David was in no condition to drive home. He was, however, completely able to instruct and keep me calm. He’s remarkably patient.

  2. I crocheted a capelet for my sister as a birthday present. Of course her boyfriend had to go and one-up me by proposing. Bastard.
  3. just kidding, keith! So yeah! The big news is that my sister is totally engaged and going to get married. Everyone, please congratulate my sister! I am peached out happy for her.
  4. The aforementioned Irish Boy® came to town on Sunday. Ran the poor boy ragged going to the Hard Times, the falls, dinner with my dad, and drinks with my sister. Sadly, he is in the States so he can work in Mankato which is 80 miles away. Last night after work David and I drove him down to Mankato where first we stopped for pizza and he bared his soul to us describing his weakness for anyone who spoke greek to him. Hopefully we’ll have more time this weekend when he comes back up to the cities.
  5. This is my tuesday, my quiet night, ice cream and dog park.

Don’t forget to congratulate my sister!

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  1. I thought you were cool until I met your father. And I thought he was cool until I met your sister. But having met David I learned that that cool is just an artifical construct foisted upon us by the imperial capitalists in order to keep us docile and buying products like dyson vacuum cleaners.

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