The night that was

My time with Dáithí has been pretty limited on this trip. He has been on assignment out of town. Last night David, Anna and I braved tornadoes and hail just to have dinner with him. I thought it might be a good idea to bring Anna along as she always seems to be in need of gentle ribbing and excess beer drinkage. Dáithí decided to bring his computer geek coworkers along for the ride. We drank many beers and ate less-than-stellar food and tried to hook Anna up with a lonely IT dude (or protect her from him….not sure what my stance was on that particular subject).

This is Anna. She didn’t kill him. I am amazed

The obligatory “i’m taking a picture of you as you take a picture of me” shot. Sadly, his camera patteries died soon after this, I was going to fill his camera with surreptitious man ass shots.

Things devolved quickly

I don’t know why, but he gets so embarassed when he talks about the Grecian Isles.

Is any night complete without a Fonzie tattoo??

All of the college kids were back in town. I’d never seen such a concentration of second rate frat boys and date rape victims in my life and THEN we passed a second rate titty bar with freaky crusty guys and lap dancers who were not aging as gracefully as they had hoped to. This is Dáithí’s impression of Minnesota and for that I am very sorry.
Today, while I was at work, he got dropped off at the Mall of America where he spent the better part of four hours cringing in in the bowels of American capitalism. David and I rescued him and offered to take him to dinner. All the regular sit-down restaurants had enormous wait times or overly meat intensive menus. We decided it was high time he ate his first peanut butter sandwich. He’s never had one, apparently his mother sent him to school with cheese and tomato sandwiches instead of pb&j. He tried to convince me this was very European but I’m beginning to think there was some shoddy parenting going on.
We went over to PB Loco for crazy peanut butter sandwiches. Your first peanut butter sandwich ever should obviously be the most upsetting sandwich ever. His had sundried tomato peanut butter, lettuce, cucumber and cheese!!! He hated it. It was awful. He scraped the peanut butter off then destroyed the sandwich completely to make it seem like he ate some. I’m convinced he does not actually eat, he just smashes his food around to give the impression of progress.
My sandwich was delicious but if I described it here you would freak. On a positive note, I took all the hippo animal crackers off all our plates and made a hippo parade. That was pretty cool.
We dropped Dáithí off at the airport. My heart was heavy knowing that this could be the last time I ever see him. Who knows what the future holds. We were not able to spend very much time together, I wish we could have timed it better so I could have had time off work, but the time we did have was delightful and fun.
Tá mo bhríste trí thine
Go raibh maith agat, Dáithí
Fraoch Ban

still tiny

There is some question about just how small my little lizards are. This is a picture of Spottiswood, the largest of the 3 anoles. Keep in mind that I have freakishly small hands.

The other 2 anoles are just slightly smaller and the gecko is very tiny but very skittish and not very fond of being handled so we leave him alone to do his thing. After we took this picture we fed the lizards some crickets and Spottiswood here managed to catch and eat one larger than his damned head practically. I was convinced he was going to burst. I found it hard to feel bad as I was laughing so hard at him sitting there with a bulging mouth and wriggly cricket legs sticking out the sides.
Today we got them some silkworms but they seem less than enthusiastic about them. Hopefully they will come to appreciate them since we have so damned many.

um yeah

this is just short and sweet. If any of you got a text message frm me tonight about me loing you and not wanting you to die, it wasn’t me. A certain tri-testicled Irish Jackass got ahold of my phone and sent messages to everyone I knew.
Also, if you received a call from a desperately lonely IT guy….well, aren’t all IT guys desperately lonely?