Reason 5462 I am glad I am renting and not owning right now

Was sitting on the sofa getting ready to go out to dinner with Alan (more on that in a second) when I hear a strange noise. Sounds like the neighbor is hosing something off, but specifically it sounds liek the neighbor is hosing off my house. I’m curious, so I go check this out.
But the noise isn’t coming from outside….it’s coming from the laundry chute.
Is somebody in the basement doing laundry?
I take the dogs down with me and discover that the cold water supply hose to the wash machine has burst. It burst all over the basement and was spraying everywhere in great arcs. Easy enough to deal with, I turned off the water and called the landlord. Total effort: 1 french fry! Total cost: $0!
It’s about time something happens that doesn’t cost me money.
Anyway, Alan called to invite me to a Twins game this weekend and maybe dim sum. Both were tempting. We agreed we would do at least one (plus I had to get David’s schedule because I know he will be home tomorrow, but I don’t know when). Talked to David for a bit and realized I needed food.
On thursday I consumed: a 4 shot americano, 1/2 chocolate chip scone (my boss gets the other half), a spychaser (4 shots of espresso, black coffee and chocolate…a gift from anna) and one bite of hot fudge sundae cake baked with bananas in it, 14 pounds of sudafed. I know why people do meth now. Today I ate some Vietnamese soup, it was good but I ended up throwing it up (I also had my americano and 8 pounds of sudafed, no scone).
Okay, so that was a tangent about my food needs.
I talked to David for a bit and realized I needed food so I called Alan back and told him that if he drove and picked a place I would buy. It’s a simple and good deal in my opinion. We hit the Edina Grill, I had the Elvis Burger (it is THE BEST burger in Minneapolis. Period.), sweet potato fries and a beer. Everything tasted like Robitussin, especially the beer. I was disappointed but actually kind of hungry so I ate the burger (it has bacon, cheese, pickles and garlic mayo) and some fries and drank all the beer and the beer made me loopy! One beer. Loopy!
So, Alan dropped me off, I said probably no to dim sum and probably yes to the ball game and that’s that and the hose to my wash machine will be magically fixed tomorrow!