I blame the pills

You know you’ve had too many cold pills when you’re sitting on the sofa looking at this and you start bawling like a baby.
That’s right, I got down to the picture of the bike and I just started crying and crying and I couldn’t stop.
I have some serious problems.

5 thoughts on “I blame the pills

  1. Seriously, that was gnarly, I got up and did the yuck dance when I saw that. On cold pills, you were lucky you didnt have hallucinations.

  2. I saw the bike and I wondered how they would clean their bike because if it happened to my bike I would not know how to clean it and then I started crying for all the mucked up bikes in the world!

  3. I’m guessing this all happened relatively quickly. What an insane population explosion. They must have been stripping all the vegetation they could find. It’s probably one of those once in a great while type of things. The webbing was everywhere, including the sidewalk and ground. The bike would probably be fairly easy to clean, actually. They’re just caterpillars, and you could pull the silk off with a stick or your hand and just shake all the caterpillars off. I’d like to know what they are and more about their behavior.

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