The Summer Cold

Last night I went to bed with a bit of a cough. This morning I woke up with a full blown cold.
My boss gave me this cold. I think he is a jerk for giving me this cold. Nothing sucks harder than a summer cold, not even a 12 year old in Bangkok.
I feel like a shit parade just got re-routed on my soul. I ended up staying in bed until 11. I called Patti, we made plans, I went to take a shower and sat down on the bed for a second.
Fell asleep for another hour. Called Patti and cancelled the plans.
Walked down to the coffee shop with Ghengis, then took him over to the lake and walked a bit. Came home and crashed again. Talked to David for a long long time. Made dinner and figured 1/2 of asparagus probably negated the negative health aspect of the Italian sausage (which actually is not all that bad since I did make the sausage myself and it is completely without nitrates and preservatives and blah blah blah)
The downside of not doing anything is that my house is still a mess.
The upside is that I am almost done with Mary’s baby blanket set.
And now I have to make some theraflu and get ready to take the dogs on another walk.