You know how you get your fortune cookie fortune and you automatically add “in bed” to the end because even if you grow up enough to not drink to excess you’ll still never be truly mature?
Today my fortune said:
Love does not always wear a friendly face
…in bed?
What is my fortune telling me?? What the hell? I’m locking my doors and sleeping with a baseball bat. I don’t know what the chinese confectionary industry has in store for me, but I’m having none of it!!!

3 thoughts on “Fortunate?

  1. Or you can interpret it as in ‘Love sometimes wears a lusty, groping, can’t gent enough of each other mask’…
    In bed.

  2. Maybe it’s suggesting I finally get rid of that Casper the Friendly Ghost mask I’m ALWAYS wearing in bed. Or maybe I can keep the mask, and you should just sleep with some really scornful looking person every once in a while.

  3. well, I had been meaning to mention the casper get up. Maybe we could have some time alone that didn’t involve the friendly ghost? maybe?

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