Just How Evil

I woke up Wednesday morning with my grumblepots face on, disappointed that all the planning that went into my world domination scheme was lost. I was so down. How come Satan never showed up? Why had the prophecy not come true? Why did I have absolutely no clean clothes to wear?
David cheered me up by pointing out that an army of winged demons was probably more trouble than it was worth. They’re just a bunch of assholes and they don’t really follow directions all that well and they probably have really high vet bills. What I don;t need in my life right now are stubborn assholes with high vet bills, I have enough of that as it is.
Someone else pointed out that you’d have to be pretty damned evil to have satan skip out on an appointment with you. That made me feel better too. I’m so badass that I get the best birthday AND satan is scared of me. Go me!
Speaking of high vet bills…
Maddie is getting better (yet again). Her kidneys and her liver are functioning as they should be, she does not hav parasites and she shows no sign of infection. SO she’s either allergic to her food or the 5 weeks of antibiotics killed all the bacteria in her belly making it hard to digest food. We have her on a half mushy, half crunchy diet. She seems to be eating it and it seems to be coming out in a manner pleasing to those in the know.
You know?
Birthday party fun being planned for this weekend. I’m staying out of the planning (except to bug people to rsvp). I’m leaving the planning to David and my sister. I’m tired of planning parties, i want someone to plan the party instead!
And the obligatory food bit for Auntie Sue:
Made sweet corn and butternut squash enchiladas last night. The filling was spiced with deep, rich low tones, cinnamon, oregano, ancho chiles, raisins, cardamom, cumin and coriander. The sauce was tomatoes, tomatillos and cilantro. I left that as a bright, high note affair seasoning it with salt, lime juice, sanaam peppers and a touch of cumin. As I was assembling the dish I thought the sauce might be too watery, but it ended up being just right. The bright flavor of the sauce interplayed with the hominess of the filling. Will I make them again? hell yeah!