hate love

What I hate (the short list)
* Restaurant websites that offer their menus as downloadable PDFs only. I fucking hate that. How hard is it to format a menu on a page. I end up with all these oddly named PDFs on my desktop that I end up having to clean up. I just wanted to see if you had hamburgers or pancakes, I don’t want to find your menu 3 goddammed weeks from now! You can easily format a webpage to display anything you want in any way you want! Don’t get all uppity with the PDFs!
* Getting my period a full week early, without any warning. None. Just sitting quietly at the desk trying not to kill people and….SPLOOOSH. Fucking uterus. An entire week early. What the hell?
Okay. Calm blue ocean.
Things that I love (short list)
* Making Moon Patrol Generator Dinner! A fruit salad with fresh pineapple, strawberry, grapes and mango on top of Banilla yogurt with a dollop of peanut butter, a sprinkle of granola and a drizzle of honey. YUM. (in addition to the leftover enchiladas that i was supposed to bring for lunch but forgot).
* Dreaming about napping! How odd. I dream that I am so tired I must nap (and I am tired, insomnia is a cruel bitch). Last night I dreamt that I was talking to a neighbor and my sister came by with a big bundle of blankets and pillows. She told me it was time to nap and she brought me to the sofa and bundled me in good. Later I dreamt I was leaving Nordstrom at the MOA and was headed to Bloomingdales. Steve was at Nordstrom and he came up to me. We decided to go to a nap area and take a nap. Unfortunately, the news was on and we had to listen to the details of the death of what’s his face in Iraq. Steve was confused so I showed him all these charts and graphs regarding the mission. This is what happens when you set your clock radio to NPR.
* Knowing that Ghengis won’t run away when he’s off leash.
* Watching Ghengis and David rough house and haul ass around the front yard with Ghengis off his leash (cuz he’s a good little fella!).