Screw you, Maartha Stewart

That’s right, screw you, Martha Stewart! I can do what you do but I can do it without being forced to play lesbian housewife to a bald bull behind bars.
Burn? oh yeah! suck it up!

Strawberry Smartass Jam (thanks to Alex for the name!). Tasty strawberry jam with crystallized ginger. Yum.

Spicy german brown mustard! Good for brats and happiness. On the counter I have a batch of dijon mellowing. Tomorrow I will divide it, half will be dill and half will be chive.

I feel all productive! I even cleaned the entire kitchen.
And in non-old lady news I have pics related to the birthday…

My dad wearing his pinwheel hat at my birthday party! Pinwheel hat!

My magical pirate ship kite that David got me for my birthday. YAY!!!!

There, pictures posted.
Now for popcorn and movies!