Bow before me, bitches

So, this seems odd, the horsemen have not yet shown up! They were supposed to pick me up to take me in to get fitted for my armor and scepter and throne.
It was supposed to happen today!
Today was surprisingly mundane and non-satanic! I brought maddie t the vet, I had vietnamese food for lunch, I ate some candy.
And in a decidedly non-hellish moment, my air conditioning got fixed.
What. The. Hell?
It’s my birthday! It’s the day! It’s my birthday and it fell on THE DAY!!!! Why have I not risen? I’m gonna duct tape the dogs together to make a cerberus and and jam some chopsticks into my head for horns!
Other than my lack of rising, I had a lovely birthday, David took me to the Udupi Cafe for South Indian food, we ate until our bellies hurt. I think my favorite was the veggies in the yogurt, carrots, eggplant and zucchini in a coconut and yogurt sauce. We also had masala dosa, I really need to learn to make these at home, they’re like the Indian version of a burrito but the wrap is half way between crispy and chewy. These were filled with spiced potatoes and lentils.
Okay, I think I hear some horse hooves punding fire into the pavement…gotta go
ooooh the air conditioning died again! There’s hope.