Flat skinny round

Maddie is not longer vomiting all over the floor or shitting blood everywhere but she’s still not eating her regular food, only soft stuff. She’s lost so much weight. I may have to take her back to the vet. I’m so worried about her. She’s so thin it’s painful to look at her. David suggested having her teeth looked at, maybe she has a sore tooth and that’s keeping her from eating.
I bought a lot of soft food today and will make another meat and rice stew, this time with a blade roast I have in the freezer.
This morning we went to one of Pablo’s cereal parties where I ate two bowls of chocolate peanut butter cap’n crunch with whole milk. All that sugar and fat made me sick.
I made up for it though, I made a spinach/sweet potato/chick pea korma with mock duck, a veggie masala with spaghetti squash, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, green beans and tomatoes. I also made garlic/onion naan for david and potato/pea naan for myself. So healthy I could have died!
Of course I chased it down with a cocktail made of tangerine orange juice and my grandfather’s homemade cherry cordial.
So essentially, it was a day of food. Either Maddie’s food and wondering what food will make it better, or my food and wondering if I can’t just spend every hour of every day cooking for people.