follow your dreams

man, this has been a crazy weekend at the stove. Crazy.
Saturday night I finally got over my aversion to spaghetti squash! I sauteed kale, fennel bulb and radicchio in the wok and added about half the spaghetti squash. Then orange juice, lime juice and garlic, cooked until the liquid was gone. Finished with tamari and sesame oil. Much better than I would have expected.
Then I baked up a loaf of honey graham bread and we ate that while watching the seminal 80’s post-nuclear-apocalypse movie, The Day After. What I learned about nuclear war is that within 120 hours after a giant 300 bomb attack on the US everyone will turn into a dirty, mute hippy. Seriously, no doubt, there’s a giant war and everyone suddenly looks like a fithly Cheech or Chong but instead of smokin’ it up and laughing they end up staring dazedly off into the distance and having their skin fall off.
Yeah, so…
Last night I dreamed about making brownies no less than 3 times! 3 times! So, if I know anything it’s that you must always follow your dreams. First thing this morning (after getting coffee then going BACK to the coffee shop so the coffee chica culd meet ghengis) I made brownies with toasted pecans. This is the only brownie recipe I really like, not cakey, gooey and with the crispy top. It’s an old, handwritten recipe, I think it’s my ex’s grandmother’s recipe, I’m not sure. I don’t ever want to lose it even if it does make me a little sad every time I make it.
Also it makes me very happy to eat good brownies.
So yeah, if you dream about brownies, follow that dream. Follow your dreams. However, if you dream about having dirty dirty orgies with co-workers past and present, don’t follow that dream.
It didn’t end with the brownies, though. I had the bread machine whip up a pizza crust which I divided in half and rolled out. Each circle was put in a pie plate, docked and baked for ten minutes. I mixed together spinach, feta, dill, garlic and two eggs and threw that in one pie shell. Then I mixed up zucchini, kale, carrots and broccoli with ricotta, fresh mozzarella, parmesan, herbs and an egg. Tossed that in a shell, covered it in garlicky pasta sauce and fresh mozzarella. Baked them both for about 40 minutes. These were not for dinner, these were for lunches this week.
Then I made a loaf of focaccia.
(yeah, i kept cooking)
For dinner I batter fried okra for the first time. It turned out pretty well, if I do say so. It needs a little more seasoning (I used curry) but it was not slimy. I also made curried sweet potato latkes and a mixed green salad with a sesame/champaigne vinaigrette.
I’m tired! I was totally crazy for the cooking all day and it felt good to be so productive. Not just productive, but meaningfully so, I have enough food in the fridge to cover lunches for most of the week. Good food, not just sodium laden pre-packaged food. Lunches are made with love!!!
How was your weekend?