Lay your belly under mine

The problem with not taking time to write is that you end up with lots of crap to talk about. So I’ll try to be concise (ha).
Dim sum on saturday to celebrate chinese new years. The food was excellent and I gorged myself on tiny dumplings and little ribs and sticky buns. They had the lion dancers in there, so much fun. I always thought they were dragn dancers, but, it seems I was wrong. They’re lions. Who knew? The chinese knew, I guess.
I’m falling in love with The Demeberists all over again. Incredible lyrics, simply stunning wordfucking. Similar to Mike Doughty but evocative of entirely different realms. Am I in love? Well, I do want to take their Picaresque cd, nail it to the floor and rub my caramel covered body all over it. you tell me.
Ultra super muddy dogpark and the happiest little fella in the world. happiest until he got home and got a throrough bath including his ears and between his toes.
King Kong! HA! YEAH! If you completely turn off the logic part of your brain, this is an incredibly fun movie to watch. Once you start thinking logically, it all goes to hell. Kong and his family lived in the temple/cave thing for generations and yet none of them thought to do anything about the giant bat infestation??? On the other hand, it was completely retarded but I loved the t-rex trapeze artistry!
Midnight cheeseburger at Denny’s and I wasn’t even drunk!
Sunday was lay in bed listening to Prairie Home Companion and Car Talk with the boy then soaking in the tub and eating pizza. Made miso soup with udon and wakame for dinner, hot fudge sundae cake for dessert and a loaf of sundried tomato bread for lunches.
Monday I found out a secret that has me bursting at the seams with happy but I can’t tell anyone at work yet. There’s a lot of crocheting in my future.
Today is Ghengis’ birthday. He’s 2. He has graduated from apprentice fella-ship to full fledged fella! I am so proud.
On my countertop right now I have a crock pot with a cooling chuck roast, a bread machine making honey-oat-wheat bread and a rice machine making…well..rice. The chuck roast will get divided (all the goo and fat fed to Ghengis as a birthday celebration) and used in my lunches. Tomorrow’s lunch will likely be shredded beef on rice with salsa verde and a slice of tomato bread. and so on.
I’ve been feeling very nesty and domestic lately. What’s up with that? Wish I could improve my cleaning skills, but I’ve learned not to stress. I need to finish my next scarf by Saturday AND get 2 scarves in the mail to canada AND finish the new website migration so I can start making little beaded bags and filet lace.
This morning I realized it was only Tuesday. Shit. Thought it was Thursday for some reason. Kind of put a damper on the day. Day dampened until I got home and found that David had picked up some salsa verde for me! He expressed concern that the last source in town for Herdez Salsa Verde might also be running out…
I hope this wasn’t too long or jam packed.