I need an incentive to get the new site done. I really hate my host and I need to get migrated and everything has been sitting in stasis since fall (though I have a good excuse). So I need me a goal.
I think I cannot buy crochet thread and beads until I get the old stuff migrated which means that I cannot make the cutest little beaded purse until I get it done.
Mark, are you reading this? I’m moving forward and I’m lighting a fire under your butt as well! Normally, I would not light fires under the butts of my friends, but you know, this has to be done and all that! Let me know what you need from me.
Also, David is downstairs making loon noises and the dogs are going crazy up here.


1) to all those people who whine about global warming, all I have to say is, “go back to the moon you fucking hippies!”. It was 46 degrees today in the middle of January. It smelled like spring. I give it 2 years, maybe 3, before the ocean creeps across the country and stops at the Mississippi River. At that time I will live less than a mile from the ocean and will hopefully have pelicans living in my back yard. See, I don’t have to move out east, I can be patient and the ocean will come to me. The ocean is coming to me!!!
2) I check the stats on my site about once or twice a week. Nothing terribly exciting, mostly I’m interested in seeing which search terms got people here (why! why, if you already know the url would you put it in the search box?? People, that just does not make sense!!!!) and where I’m linked from. Most links are ones I know about, friend’s sites or comments I have left places. A few are perplexing, I’m linked on a rock band’s site. Of course my favorites are when I’m linked on pages that are secret or blocked or password protected. OOOOH!!! Super secret hidden!! What sort of shenanigans are afoot that I would be mentioned in such a secretive setting??
3) I’ve eaten far too much today and none of it any good. I need to only eat good things from now on. I don’t mean good-for-me things, just things that taste good. There are a finite number of meals left in my life, I should love each one.
4) Obligatory dog update…Ghengis has another ear infection, 5 drops twice a day should clear that up. Maddie still stares at me with undying affection. Her foot is healing beautifully. Still trying to coordinate a Milo-Ghengis play summit.
5) I found my camera cable! Go me! Now I can get more pictures going. HUZZAH!
6) anyone wanna go to chicago with me? I need to go to Trader Joes!