the inevitable bloodbath

As we know, Maddie has some thuggish tendencies when we go to the dog park. Usually we can distract her enough to get her out of these situations and usually most dogs don’t want to fight.
Tonight Maddie finally got her ass kicked, she’s got probably 7 or 8 little bloody cuts on her face, including a puncture that goes through her ear. I cleaned her off and put ointment on everything and lectured her, “see, this is what happens when you provoke dogs to fight. This is not how I want to spend my sunday evening, cleaning your wounds. Do you think I like doing this?” and so on.
She was incredibly calm the whole time. I think she just liked the attention. The worst part of this whole ordeal is Ghengis saw Maddie fighting this dog and had to jump in. Ghengis is not a big dog and certainly not a fighter at all. While unhurt, he got his ass kicked and squealed like a little girl. I don’t want Ghengis fighting just because he sees Maddie doing it.
So, instead of enrolling Ghengis in obedience classes this month, I guess Maddie will be going. Ghengis is just a jovial jackass, but Maddie is actually going to get hurt.
Let’s see…in other news
David came home last night and there was much rejoicing and celebration!
I made rosemary garlic foccacia in the bread machine and then cinnamon rolls for breakfast. I had hoped to also make some pumpkin bread but I’m not sure if I’ll get that in tonight.
I finished one crochet motif and I am working on another now, then I’ll work on the scarf.
I lost the cord to my camera so the process of downloading pics to my machine has me pulling the card from my camera and sticking it in his and downloading from there. I guess i need to get a card reader or a new cord or something. I should probably get the cord so I can still print directly from the camera. I hate when I lose things like this. I haven’t seen anything suspect in the dog’s poop so I’m at a loss.
And with that, I will bid you a good night.