maybe I was wrong???

I always tell people I’m not creative. I usually think it’s true. And yet…
I realized that I regularly take crochet patterns and modify them to suit my needs. I can mix and match different patterns to make new ones whenever I need to. I made a bunch of scarves based on patterns I got from my baby blanket books. Right now I am converting a pattern for lace edging into a scarf (yeah, I’m ripping out yesterday’s attempt, it’s not bad, it’s just not what I was going for).
I can actually be creative. Most of the food I make for parties are recipes invented by or modified by me, including my rack of lamb dinner, the stuff I made for my housewarming party and most of my curries. A lot of the things I make are not big stretches, it’s not exactly difficult to make a veggie curry, it’s really one step up from the bachelor stir-fry, but it is rare that I use recipes and when I do, I usually modify them.
So yeah, this is my “go me!” post. I can actually do creative things!
The other cool thing is that in doing this lace edging scarf, I ABSOLUTELY want to make this same pattern as actual lace edging and sew it on to pillow cases as gifts. And you know what? That is SO OLD LADY!