Remember how I joked about being an old lady because I drive my old lady volvo and I crochet and I do all kinds of other old lady things.
Today it’s complete. Today I am old. Today, on Friday the 13th, as the full moon was just beginning to light the sky, Owen, my hairdresser, noticed a “color anomaly” just over my right temple.
a color anomaly.
It’s a nice way to alleviate the kick in my gut when you point out that I have grey hairs growing in. I hadn’t noticed because I had been dying it for so long but over the fall I decided to let the color grow out and give my hair a break.
This is how it repays me. I give it a break and it starts to turn grey. Ouch.
Of course, my face is breaking out like a 15 year old. So I guess that’s a sign of youth.
Or a sign that all the forces in the universe are aligned to crush me from the inside out.