this is my evening…
“hey I should…” 10 minutes later “what? maybe dinner?”…15 minutes later…”DOG!”…
I need some sort of hard core ritalin or cocaine or something. I just wasted 20 minutes staring at the little table by the door. Not staring and thinking “what I would like to do with the table is…” or “I wonder if *censored* are still in the drawer from way back when” or even “The stupidest thing I can do is put a flat receptacle near the mail slot because it becomes my mail depository for months at a time”. No, looking and thinking would be slightly more productive than looking and suddenly realizing 2o minutes have passed.
Another doctor’s appointment today. This time we celebrated the charmed life my bladder leads! Oh bladder, how I love thee. Since this is a new doctor I had to fill her in on my bladderial history, even telling her that while I was not a doctor, I usually get 7-10 days a Cipro and not a mere 3 as at this point my bladder looks at 3 days of Cipro like a passing joke.
We talked about other things and the doctor sent me away with more prescriptions (I could open my own Walgreens in my bathroom!) and I was on my way. Sort of. I almost drove to my old house.
I’m pretty sure this is what senility feels like, and you know what? I can see the upside.
Maybe I’ll go take a nap.