It’s a cruel world

My thoughts on ‘March of the Penguins’
* Insanely cute movie
* To hear Morgan Freeman go on, you’d expect a pile of corpses a mile high OR an asteroid to hit any minute
* If the father’s only choice is to abandon the chick to die so he can go eat then he needs to eat the chick. Seriously. The chick is going to die, there is no way possible to prevent that if he leaves. Why waste the nutrients?
* Actually, yeah, they needed to be eating more of the dead ones. Perhaps this is why we didn’t see giant piles of corpses
* I bet that colony stunk to high heaven. Birds stink.
* It was insanely cute.
That’s all. I’m off to crack open that beaujolais villages that i didn’t drink last night.
David’s parents are leaving in the morning. Sad. I really had a good time visiting with them and they don’t hate me. It’s nice to not be hated!
glug glug buddies.