Hold my head, love, I’m sick tonight

Today really wasn’t any better. My stomach hurts like you would not believe. I hate this. I hate having anxiety about things like this. I travel better than anyone I know, but this is different. I’ve never done anything remotely like this.
So yeah, I’m going to die in a place where no body will ever be able to find my body.
But I don’t feel any better today and the crises haven’t really lessened. My phone rings but I can’t answer it. I just sit there and stare at it from across the room.
I’m dumb.
But we’ll focus on the good.
My invitations came back from Dena, the pretty printing princess! They’re wonderful! They’re delightful. They are already in the mail because I’m good like that.
I hit Surdyks wine sale today. I figured it would be easy on a Friday afternoon, but I’m not so bright. Super packed, super overwhelming…BUT I did good. 1/2 case of Beaujolais Village (shut up, alex) for cheap and another mixed case of this that and the other. Mostly Proseccos, Sp�tleses, and Sangioveses, these are the things I like the most. Not too light, not too heavy, easily match most of what I serve and let me tell you, there is nothing like cracking open a Sangiovese and drawing a bubble bath and chilling with a good book.
Man I wish I had time.
I talked to someone today who didn’t warn me about bears or mosquitos or anything, she was so positive. She loved the BWCA in all ways and gave me good advice.
Okay, I’m off to do dishes since they don’t really clean themselves.