The Gold Standard

So let’s talk about my feet. I have been wearing my hiking boots so i can break them in before my camping trip but there seems to be no breaking in necessary, these are th most comfortable boots ever made. It’s about 95 degrees here. It’s hot. You would think that in this heat my feet would get all gross and ooogly in the sweat. You would think this wouldn’t you? Well, you thought wrong!You really did. The magic of Gore-Tex! Holy crap! My sock are completely dry. Not just mostly dry, not damp, but completely dry. All of the sweat my feet generate gets instantly wicked away. I don’t know where it goes, I suspect it gets sent to the place where your missing socks are living. When you get your socks back they will reek of my feet. Good for you.
I want to go on a trip. I was on the phone with David….
me: do you want to go to new york with me? david: do you want to go to bali with me? me: YES!
I hope we go. The rest of my summer is tight with crazy busy stuff going on but I have vacation time, money and a passport. David, let’s go to Bali (or Argentina, I want to go there). or New York!
I want to go to New York because my coworker Jen Z left for NYC today and before she left I told her places to go. The funny thing is I would pull up a Google map of wherever I was talking about and be all like “okay 33 carmine st is between bleeker and varick and 7th, after you have lunch go in this direction for record shops, then in this spot is where all the cheese shops and spice shops are….okay, go to the macy’s at herald square. go to the southwest corner and face south, you’ll be looking into koreatown, you’ll see a silver awning, go there for the best korean food ever!”. She thought I was crazy. I am. But also I have a good memory for stuff like that! Now I want to go there and eat the best korean food ever and go purse shopping on canal street and ride the subway!
Tonight I am going to drink beer. Lots of beer.