Who are you

Who are you people who can orchestrate genocide? Who are you? What is in your head and your hearts and your hands that you are blind to the humanity in every pair of eyes that looks at you? EVERY PAIR OF EYES, not just the eyes of your countrymen or your family or your friends. There is humanity in every pair of eyes that looks at you.
Who are you that you would do this? This is not a crime of passion, this is not one person losing it. This is meticulous and planned and executed all with precision. Who are you people who pulled the triggers? Who are you people who complacently pulled the trigger time and time again? Did you ever question what was happening? Did you ever say “I do not like muslims but I see their humanity in their eyes”?
What kind of person orchestrates a genocide? I don’t understand. I don’t want to understand. I don’t even want to understand genocide or where it comes from. I don’t want to believe that one group of humans would do this to another.
I don’t want to lose my faith in humanity. Ever. I rarely lock my front door. Quite often I leave my purse unsecured. These things are foolish and people point them out to me but I have no worries. If someone wants to steal from me then I hope that what they take helps them. I see no group of bad people, only individual circumstances. I have faith in humanity.
But it is slipping.
Who are you people on this earth with the rest of us that would take life so viciously based on the most specious of reasoning? Who the fuck are you and what is wrong with you?
I have lost faith, however, in the United Nations. Just one year, ONE YEAR after the Rwandan tragedy the U.N. did the same thing in Srebrenica.
Today Kofi Annan called this a great shame. No, Kofi, the great shame is Darfur. The great shame is that as you stand there and apologize to the widows and the mothers and the daughters and the sister, as you speak these words they are hollow ringing with the echo of your inaction in Darfur.
I’m a foolish girl, in my heart I believe that these acts are individual acts, that they are the acts of a visual minority. I believe that if you sampled the hearts and heads and hands of the majority of people on this earth you would not find this atrocity. I’m foolish, i’ll always believe that people if not inherently good are at least inherently neutral.
And every time I cry on the way to work as I listen to these reports and every time I give money because I am helpless and unskilled in any better way to help, I wonder if I am wrong.