A lob and a miss

It’s true, eat before grocery shopping. I was full up on french toast from the Hard Times Cafe (I have to rank the Hard Times Cafe much higher than Triple Rock. Hipster attitude, yeah, but not hipster atti-fucking-tude. I just want some waffles, I don’t want to apologize for not having a face tattoo or some obvious word like ‘bipedal’ or ‘obvious’ done up in bad gothic lettering somewhere. Maybe it’s just me). Had to pick up a few things for the bbq tomorrow and skipped past all the junk food that usually catches my eye. French toast, people, it will save you.
Went to United Noodles today to buy miso and tofu and red bean ice cream bars and udon noodles and bok choys and biryani paste and on and on. If I’d had more time I probably would have stocked up on everything. Maybe I’ll do that next week.
Exciting, no?
I know, I could get a life, but, you know, too lazy and all. You should send me one!
So I named my car Mabel (not to be confused with Dena and Levi’s turtle, Maple). Seemed like a good name. She’s a 6 cylinder, no turbo but about the same pick up as the Saab. Fun to drive, but the best feature so far (and possibly the most mundane) is that it has 2 cigarette lighter receptacles so I can charge my phone AND listen to my iPod at the same time. Also, it has a phone garage, I’ll have to post a picture of that when I get a chance.
BBQ at my place tomorrow. Swing by, bring the dogs. I’ve got brats, curried potato salad, ginger trifle, veggies, veggie brats, watermelon, cantaloupe and whatever else I can rustle up. (there’s a new pack of Superhero Popsicles in the freezer, but I got those for D. Maybe he’ll share)
Dogs are good, David’s good, I’m good. What more is there? Filing? not so good (you know it’s bad when you are desperately shuffling through this pile or that pile to find the title to your car, the letter from the bank showing that it’s paid off, your most current insurance card etc. I suck at filing but I do keep all the papers together.)
Have a good 4th, peeps, I’m sure I’ll be writing more.
Foam out, bubbo