OH!!! How could I forget

We went to Cupcake for lunch on Friday (finally). The cutest coffee shop/deli/bakery ever in the tradition of French Meadow but without the attitude. They focus on the bakery stuff, while also serving up delicious food. The thing is, the food is great, the coffee is great but the cupcakes…oh the cupcakes! Sigh, cupcakes.
They had about a dozen different cupcakes in decadent, different, insulin destroying flavors. Mocha, black bottom, Betty Crocker, malted milk, apricot rum, red velvet, caramel, buttermilk chocolate, blueberry lemon, carrot cake, and on and on in both regular and mini sizes. After lunch (which was surprisingly good considering they focus on pastry) and my birthday mocha cupcake from Jen Z (the payroll chica, not the ex) I went and bought 6 more cupcakes to bring home to share with the boy. I let him have the caramel all to himself, he says it was too sweet (which is why, ironically, I didn’t want it), I LOVED the red velvet (if I ever get married, I’ve decided I want a red velvet wedding cake), the black bottom was decadently wonderful, another mocha (YUM). There’s half a buttermilk chocolate and a whole malted milk waiting for me! Sigh. Yum.
It should be noted that I limited my purchase to 6 cupcakes and avoided the lemon bars, the banana chocolate chip scones, the key lime tarts, the chocolate macaroons, the creme brulee…
Anyone who comes to visit me is getting lunch at Cupcake. No lie. This is your excuse to come to Minnesota now.
Man, it may not be healthy, but it sure is happy.

Let’s go scare us some suckers

my weekend…
sames as always! dog park, chilling at the coffee shop in the sun with the boy and the dog, grocery shopping, laundry, eating watermelon on the lawn, blah blah blah.
Went over to John and James’ (the twins!) for dinner and games last night. I love going there, authentic chinese food, playing cards all night.
Anyway, all chillin, nothing exciting, still love my vacuum (sick, yeah). Today was probably not the best day to make a pork roast, but i had it and I wanted it. Yum.
I’m tired, I’m off to bed.