So…where are we with the list? I went clothes shopping and managed to convince David to go with me. For as much as he dislikes shopping and the mall and Old Navy he was really great about it. In fact, he’s really great to go shopping with because he actually gives real feedback. He tells you when he likes something and when he doesn’t. He helps make decisions, he has an actual opinion and he’s encouraging. I asked him why he was so good at the shopping thing if he didn’t like it and he said that it sped up the process. It’s true. If you help me then there will be less time spent with me going “blue?…pink?….blue?…pink?…both?…green?…does this make my butt look bigger than usual?…two or three?”.
I actually picked things out, made my purchases and was happy (though I might head back and get another pair of capris). After the shopping he took me to the peanut butter place for sammiches. I got the Memphis (too sweet and the bacon bits were weird) and D got the curry spice (excellent, made me regret my choice). The place was kind of cool but the guys behind the counter were dorks.
I had much to do when I got home last night but opted to chill with D. Now I still have lots to do.
Bleach and dye hair crayon red
Must go to the beauty supply store for mixing bowl, application brush and gloves. TONIGHT.
Buy capris and stylized keds
DONE! Well, I bought the capris but not the shoes. I’ll get those at Target tonight.
Rip cd’s and update iPod
Must do, can do while dying hair.
Make a list of books to get from the library (suggestions??? Please suggest airplane reading and beach/poolside reading. I will need probably 4 books for this trip)
List made, maybe D would like to go to the library for me? Otherwise tomorro night. Special thanks to Mark for his suggestions, even though half the books he suggested I already read AND I purchased once when he was standing next to me suggesting those books!
Go to the library and get the books
Yeah, we’ll see.
Do laundry
Tonight, right when I get home so I can pack tonight.
Write up Ghengis instructions for my dad
DONE! made very detailed instructions that included reminders for belly rubs and instructions that Ghengis sleeps on the bed.
Go to Target to buy dog food (mmm Beneful), laundry soap, dish detergent, dog poop bags, toothbrush.
List made, going RIGHT AFTER WORK!!!!
Buy groceries so that I can make real food for David (I owe him. You’d think I’d cook more for all I love to cook, but I don’t. Real food, baby, I promise)
Pack, repack, pack again.
Pay bills.
Halfway done!
Now I just need to finish work things and we will be a-ok.
The problem is that it’s so grey and dreary here that all I want to do is pull a Schiavo and lay down forever, drooling on myself.
sorry, bad taste, i know.
Also, I went to the American Airlines website so I could do web check in. Those bastards! You have to be a member blah blah blah to do web check in and you have to have the Advantage Miles number or some dumb shit like that. Most airlines just let you check in on the web since you’ve already gone so far as to give them copious amounts of money to fly on their plane. I like checking in in advance, it’s nice, I get to pick a window seat and not stand in line except to check my luggage.
Must remember to bring food on the plane since they won’t actually be feeding me.
Okay, i’m off to photocopy invoices and maybe take off early.