The Background

The problem with being so busy is that you end up with a lot to write about and no time to write it.

So let’s see what i can get vomited out here, now.

Friday night I met my old boss for drinks, was a great time to catch up and gossip, "did you know that so-and-so…" and "I can’t believe she did THAT!". I had a goodly amount of vodka and tonic and decided I should not go capri shopping. Foolish me, now it’s Monday and I still need these demon-pants.

David came home from his camping/kayaking trip. He smelled of campfire and had pictures of a porcupine and some bald eagles (not together, that would be oh too cool for words).

(a man just walked by with a ponytail that went past his ass, wearing all black except for the 1980’s style red vest, the kind I owned in high school).

Saturday was laundry and cleaning and trail mix eating and blah blah blah. We went to Battle Creek Regional park for a small walk with the dog. Met a little girl who was terrified of dogs. I felt bad for her because he was just sobbing for being so afraid of Ghengis and G, being so A.D.D. didn’t even see her.

Finally saw ‘The Grudge’ this weekend. It was super creepy in the beginning but I think David was right, they slathered the creepy on so thick that eventually you become inured to it.

Went hiking at a state forest this weekend AND I have pictures for you. We picked the ‘moderate’ trail and from that I’d hate to see what the difficult trail would have been. This was a toughie. The fun part was getting to make up rules, "walking with determination burns more calories". I love making up rules about stuff like that because then I can reward myself with a cheeseburger! I recognize that eating a cheeseburger sort of negates the healthy aspect of the walk but when it comes down to it I got to go on a very nice, healthy walk AND I got to eat a cheeseburger. I might die early but I’ll die knowing I got to eat that cheeseburger.

The dog also got a cheeseburger, I figured he deserved one, also there would be no way to ride in the car and eat my own dinner unless the dog was somehow distracted. When Ghengis is happy, I’m happy.

First, pictures from last week when we went to Frontenac. Very pretty shot of the lake, you can’t really get the scale of it on a little picture like this. Suffice to say, it was pretty. So pretty, in fact, that the dog got all drunk on the scenery and David had to deal with my out of shapedness and the dog’s drunkeness. Or something.

So that was last weekend.

This weekend…

  • Me, as proof that I went.
  • Ever nimble and monkey-like, David climbed a tree.
  • We were so remote and removed from people that we could keep Ghengis off his leash the whole time allowing him to haul ass along the trail. Ghengis is surprisingly well behaved never running too far ahead or more than a few feet off the path.
  • And let’s see, here’s Ghengis being handsome and Ghengis being nature dog!
  • I truly love hick towns. If you can’t read the bottom it says "Please put manure in spreader".
  • This is what a very tired puppy looks like.

    I still need to go shopping, I’m going to do that tonight. I need to knock some of these things off my list so i can get on that plane on Thursday morning relaxed.

    Also, making the cutest purse ever. So pleased with it.

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  1. I am so in love with Ghengis. I work for a relay company and am reading your archives between calls. I LOVE IT!!!!

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