This hurts you more than it hurts me

This is really more for me to keep track of things before my trip. Sorry.
Bleach and dye hair crayon red
Hair done and one. It’s magenta, not red, but that’s awesome. I photodocumented the whole process and when I get my bra photoshopped out of the pics I’ll post them.
Buy capris and stylized keds
Pants purchased.
As for the shoes…WELL, let me tell you, if you’re standing in the store all bummed because the cutest pair of Hello Kitty sneakers only go up to kid’s size 2 don’t despair, try them on anyway! They looked a tad big so I tried them and they fit my feet (kid’s size 3). Thank god or genetics or whatever granted me such freakishly small feet.
Rip cd’s and update iPod
Halfway done, should get a good flying playlist together.
Make a list of books to get from the library
books on hold. yay.
Go to the library and get the books
Tonight, after work.
Do laundry
Write up Ghengis instructions for my dad
Yeah, done.
Go to Target to buy dog food (mmm Beneful), laundry soap, dish detergent, dog poop bags, toothbrush.
Holy crap, I was walking through the dog section of Target (Salmon Beneful was on sale, what a lucky dog) and I stumbled upon an end cap with the most concentrated collection of useless crap ever. I love my dog and i buy him lots of things but I WILL draw the line at an Isaac Mizrahi polo shirt. My dog has many things he probably does not need but there are things like cell phones, flow chart software, feed corn or an Isaac Mizrahi polo shirt that really cross the line. Also, there was a highly stylized puppy bed in pink and black that was sort of cute but not $40 cute. Especially when the dog will chew and destroy it in 4.2 minutes.
Buy groceries so that I can make real food for David (I owe him. You’d think I’d cook more for all I love to cook, but I don’t. Real food, baby, I promise)
Yeah, so the plan is making him a very nice goodbye dinner tonight. Luckily he has two classes tonight so we eat late and that gives me time. Now I need to think of a menu!
Pack, repack, pack again.
So many outfits to consider!
Pay bills.
Okay, now I have to pick restaurants and sites and all that! YAY. God, I’m so so so excited.