My friend, Dave, emailed this to me in response to the previous post…
So – you named the puppy after a Mongol leader who is most closely associated with bloodthirstiness and barbarism.
And then you wonder why he destroyed his newest toy?
Yep, as I sit here surveying the mess that one toy can make, I sincerely regret not naming him ‘Roger’.
This week’s limited highlights in cryptic, un-ordered list goodness…
* First dates rock
* Second dates rock just a little more
* Many many many birthdays to deal with
* I’ve been sleeping too much this weekend. I’ve started feeling guilty if I sleep too late. I need to stop that.
* ‘Big Lebowski’ is still a solidly good movie. In fact, it is and ever shall be my favorite.
* I’ve been cooking more lately. Last night was veal scallopini in a lemon sauce (mmmmbutter) with roasted potatoes. Tonight is pork tenderloin with spiced pumkin goat cheese and some sort of potato, probably roasted again. If I have enough pumpkin left over i’ll make a dessert with it, but really, do we need a dessert with it being halloween? there’s a ton of candy just sitting here.
* Speaking of halloween candy, Target was WIPED OUT of their stocks, I was almost forced to buy that big mixed bag of shitty candy that no kid wants. Luckily, I found good stuff and I will avoid having my house egged again this year.
That’s all, boring week, not much going on. I’m off to get ready for a birthday then halloween dinner.