Stuff to ponder

I went through this a couple months ago and I’m doing it again. An interesting issue/question/thing to consider has popped up in the last couple days and I need to make a decision. It’s a very emotional decision and could really change the course of my near-future plans.
What’s interesting is that once again I have posed the quandary to some trusted friends to get their advice and each friend has given me solid advice and a good perspective but each person gave me completely different advice. No consensus was reached. I’ve written out a very detailed pro-con list and i guess I’ll be working on that for a while.
I’m a Gemini, in every profile of Gemini’s it says that we have problems making decisions because we always see the validity of both sides of any argument. This is true here, I can see the benefit of going ahead and saying ‘yes’, but also I don’t want to change my plans. And to be perfectly honest, saying yes is fucking scarier than moving away. So part of me is chickenshit, part of me is trying to be logical, part of me very much wants to do this as the benefits, if it works out, would be incredibly joyous.
If I decide to go with it, you’ll know as I suddenly won’t be leaving the state. If i decide to let it go, then things will continue on their predetermined course.
It’s days like today that I wish I was a robot, life would be so much easier.