So a coworker and I keep talking about brownies and how we totally deserve them. She told me that after talking with me about brownies she went up to Wedge (the local feel-good, organic, fair-trade, good for you co-op), saw brownies and decided to get one. It was entirely disappointing. It was too healthy or something. We decided that the sugar was all wrong. The sugar was probably organic, harvested by people who were paid a living wage and had super-standard working conditions. Feel-good sugar is not good sugar.
We want our sugar harvested by people working at gunpoint for meager wages and subsisting in conditions that 60 minutes would bust in and report about. “Fear and bad karma make for good sugar!”
Song of the week is Wild World as performed by Me First and the Gimme Gimmes (Cat Stevens’ version is nice, but…). Also, with the iPod you end up making massive random playlists for the car and Pearl Jam’s Rearview Mirror came up a little unexpectedly. I highly recommend this for any high speed, high volume driving mix you might be putting together.