I deserve and award

or something…
Tonight for dinner I tossed some cubed sweet potato in a bit of oil and garam masala and kosher salt. I roasted them at high heat. While they were in the oven i seasoned a half rack of lamb and seared the hell out of the outside, separated it into chops and seared those. Served it with a wedge of mirableu (I tried to find a good link to mirableu but i couldn’t. It’s a mild, tangy, salty sheep’s milk blue cheese from spain. It goes beautifully with lamb. Is it wrong to serve lamb with sheep’s milk cheese? yes.).
So tonight’s dinner was good, but what I made the other night was better.
Herb and cornmeal crusted slices of zucchini with sauteed shrimp and salsa fresca made with tomatoes, basil and parsley from the garden. Yum.
Of course, to balance things, I’m slumming with a bag of Black Pepper Jack Doritos !Limited Time Only!
Who’s coming to dinner next time?