Goodbye Jenni

Today would have been mine and jen’s 11th anniversary. I just sort of realized it as I was getting my shit together for the day. I mean I knew it was, I’d thought about it this week, but it just hit me. It’s a tough day.
It’s hard to realize that you love and care for someone as much as you did 11 years ago, but neither of you would be happy in a relationship together. I’ve known her for 16 years, I’ve watched her transform herself many times over into the person she is today. I’ll miss her truly and terribly when I move, but I think moving away and creating distance is the best way we have to preserve what’s left of our friendship.
For our tenth anniversary she took me to Savannah for the weekend. She booked a hotel on my favorite beach, we ate at my favorite restaurants, it was a beautiful gift. It was a lovely way to wind down a relationship we knew was ending. I’ll always have that as my last anniversary with her and it will always make me happy.
I had a good long cry today, it was a release. Then I headed out a met her at the end of the 3day walk for breast cancer. I was so proud of her, she accomplished something that was so important to her and would help so many people. As I watched her in the final parade I knew in my heart I would always love her, you never lose your first great love. It reaffirmed for me my goal to preserve and keep our friendship because it is something truly special and she is an awesome human being.
Now one of you buy my goddamed house so we can move on with our lives