I’m tired, good long weekend. Lots of relaxing, hanging with the puppy, hanging with friends, knitting, and most importantly, stone cold chillin. Or something.
Song of the week is Guster’s Rocketship. It makes me tear up every time. Probably PMS time.
Though, Ben Harper’s Waiting on an Angel is a close second.
edit: That’s ‘tear up’ as in water coming out of my eyes, not ‘tear up’ like getting drunk and running through town square with covered in chocolate sauce and raisins.

So Many

I wish I had the time, the resources and the wherewithal to adopt another puppy. If I did Tank would be mine! Of course, I’d have to change his name to Kubla just to keep the theme.
I’ll wait until I move and get settled. If things go well I might get a puppy friend for Ghengis.
Happy Labor day to all who celebrate! Ghengis is celebrating by piling all his toys together and chewing everything at once. He’s a lucky puppy.