Population small times

Oh small towns… they had fresh jalapenos at the market the other day, now there are none. Fine, we’ll use pickled jalapenos and see what that does. The bbq sauce from Pizza Luce had (still has? Did have? Haven’t been in years) pickled jalapenos in it and I loved their bbq sauce. My bbq sauce has almost a half pound of bacon in it.

The divorced parent kid exchange is happening across the street at town hall. I’m curious as to why this can’t happen at either of their houses but it’s none of my business and it seems to work out for them. Sadly, it seems that dad is not nearly as popular as step-dad. Maybe dad’s a dick, I don’t know. None of my business.

I’ve started buying beer in cans because it’s easier to carry home.

My notes for my bbq sauce list 1 big can tomato. I’m going to assume I meant crushed tomatoes.

I’m using the running dishwasher as my excuse to not do anything important for another hour. Maybe it’s time for some Katamari.