As I have mentioned before, I like projects where I have a hand in as many steps as possible. This one is special.

First, my mom sent me a couple bumps of black shetland wool roving. This roving came from sheep owned by my mom’s friend. I don’t have a great picture of it but it is on the right side over there.


I have a backlog of fiber to spin. I know!

My friend Kristen lets me use her drum carder. A drum carder is a terrifying machine with a million horrifying teeth that want to scrape the flesh from your bones. Also, you can use it to blend different fibers so that you can spin them up together. I took the wool, ran it through the carder with some very sparkly bits. Not too much, just enough to accent it.

The Mayor's Wife

There i have it, wool from my mom that she got from her friend and now I have it and it is ready to be spun.

The Mayor's Wife

The Mayor's Wife, singles to be plyed.

The Mayor's Wife, plyed

Washed, thwacked and ready to go:
The Mayor's Wife

I asked my mom to help me line a purse and in exchange I gave this yarn to her. It was the best thing, sharing this gift with her. And then for Christmas I got a most excellent present from my mom.

My scarf

My scarf

She gave me the wool, I gave her the yarn, she gave me a beautiful scarf. This is one of those projects that really mean a lot to me. I get many compliments on it and I love to tell the story. There is a photo of me in the scarf but also I am covered in dirty ice and crappy grit because I fall down all the time and a picture of me coveren in crap really isn’t something you want to see.