On practicality and not paying attention

The perfect boxes for packing books for moving are the 12 pack beer boxes. Unfortunately, most of those boxes were filled with donation books and carted to their new homes never to return to me. So, I rectified that situation! I went and got a box from the liquor store, cost me some dollars but was filled with Blue Moon. I have been diligently drinking said Blue Moon in order to free up the box for packing. As I work my way through this box I have discovered that Blue Moon boxes are flimsy and totally not the same caliber as Leinies boxes. Dang, looks like there is some Sunset Wheat also in my future.
This is how much I care! I am just sacrificing my liver to the beer so that we can pack up and move with ease. True.
But on to other things.
Generally I believe that if you don’t like the political direction your city, state or federal government is headed then you need to work on that. I have no appreciation for the whole ‘if Tedrow Assflounder gets elected I’m moving to Canada/Lichtenstein/your mom’s house’. If you don’t like the politics of your area then do something about it.
Yeah, do something.
I realized that I was relieved to be moving to Vermont. All the Tim Pawlenty and Michele Bachmann and the same sex marriage amendment…
[Very very long diatribe about taxes, white flight, boomers, education, religion, IR vs GOP, Woodbury, corn subsidies and other bullshit that David talked me out of as it would seem that emptying boxes of their beer might make for bad motivation when it comes to political blog posts.]
Fuck Michele Bachmann.
So…um…. something more palatable… I found the perfect sunglasses, they hover right on the line between awesome and obnoxious. Personally, I need to find that line again because I’m wallowing in obnoxious right now.