Duke Chester III of Nokomia

Many moons ago (I really should have written this a long time ago but I am brainholed and easily distracted) I got up and checked my email and there it was, a picture of a portrait painted of Chester. I kept staring at it in a bit of disbelief because who would paint a portrait of Chester (sorry, Chester, but yeah)?
One of the Pantsters, a very creative and artistic (that really fails to sum up her talent and her ability to create such beautiful art, sorry) had seen a photo of Chester on my flickr jiggity.

Chester is a good dog.

A rare moment of quiet for Chester.
(the craziest part of that photo is just how clean my carpet was. Like diggity clean.)
She grabbed that photo and made for me a gift that will always be so very dear to me.

Chester 12Pound

Darlissa Riggs
, so very talented in ways I can’t even list. She is always on top of one beautiful endeavor or another. I am always in awe of the range of talents she possesses.
Just the honor of having my Chester 12Pound immortalized on canvas was awesome, but she also shipped the original portrait to me. It hangs on my wall.


I am so lucky in this life to have my awesome friends and family. So many wonderful and generous people surround me and sometimes I am unable to find the words that truly express my love for them.


Probably a good thing she saw the other picture first.

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  1. Not sure Chester is wearing the right cup size, he really needs to go get measured properly for his headbras, otherwise his brain won’t be getting the support it needs…
    Nice portrait :)

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