Who can I have been

Spent these last few days cooking and cooking. It’s easier to ignore cleaning and packing when it is SO IMPORTANT that I make grilled pork sandwiches and spicy grilled corn and niter kibbeh and orange raita and sambal and and and… 3 chili powder and and and…all of the things.
It’s 12pound hot and steamy in the kitchen and as I stand there shoving the remaining half of a navel orange into my mouth, sweat and juice just running down my neck and arms I had a realization. Oh yes, always with the revelations to go on about.
I realized that I DID become the person I always wanted to be, I just hadn’t noticed.
I turn 40 in one year and I am very much where I want to be with this life of mine.
I made it without even realizing it.
Finally, I don’t mind I’m not as smart as you require.
Mike Doughty

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