Olde Schoole

Got me a spinning wheel! Yep! Got me a spinning wheel and I sat down and I SPINNED!
Took some trial and error, some moments of crinkled foreheads and a couple of “oh shits” but I got it figured out. At least I think I do! I spun up and plied some border leicester from The March Hare. It’s nothing to write home about, this yarn I made, but I managed to work and learn the different aspects of the spinning wheel. Now it’s just a matter of maintaining some consistency in my drafting.
This morning I ordered 8 pounds (8 POUNDS) of merino roving, along with a set of dye from Indie Dyer. Awesome!
In other happenings:
I slept for 32 hours. I woke up at about 6:30 this morning after 32 hours of sleep. David had woken me up briefly yesterday to feed me fried egg and cheese sandwiches and I kind of intended to stay awake…but then I decided to go to sleep again. I really really needed that sleep.
My dreams have been incredibly vivid lately, both visually and emotionally. A lot of classic themes of powerlessness and loss, but also a lot of adventure and triumph. In one dream there was a group of assholes who just did everything they could to make me miserable. In turn, I did everything I could to avoid them or, when confronted, to punch them. I didn’t get super upset until they tried to take Maddie away from me!
Do what you will to me, but do not take my dog away!
On Friday I bought the yarn for the Northern Dreams Pullover. Can’t wait to get started on that. Except I have to wait because I have other projects in the hopper that take precedence. Fine.
From the CSA I have kale, cabbage, butternut squash, potatoes, carrots, broccoli and onions. I need to make something delicious and autumnal for dinner that isn’t soup.
It’s 9am and that means it’s time to go to ‘work’.

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  1. That pullover is awesome. All those patterns look great. Crochet patterns have come a long way since I learned to knit. (does that make sense?)
    Ooo, I’d be roasting me some veggies with what you’ve got there!

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