so many projects

I still owe people handmade mittens for Christmas. These are the people who know they are coming late. I am working on them. I also volunteered to be a pattern tester for someone so i need to make a sweater in the pattern. I also need to make mittens for me, remake a pair of mittens for my dad, make two other sweaters for me.
Also, I have to work on Bubbo Designs and try to write up my patterns for sale. That’s the first step. Then there are all the other steps. All of those steps will require a lot of work.
Also, also, there is the “big project” with Anna. I will go into more detail when I feel we have done enough that detailing it won’t jinx it.
And i need to clean the house, deal with some financial things, get a spring installed, get chester in for his shots, try to find a cheap vacation out of town because I really need to get out of town and away if only for a couple days.
So what I’m saying is that I’ve been busy and when I am not busy I am thinking about the things I should be doing but not doing. Then I dream that no matter what I do, I am judged for not doing the things I am supposed to do, the things I forgot to do or didn’t know about. And I wake up with an untenable sense of dread and I can’t remember what I am dreading…then I do.
And maybe I shouldn’t use my website as a therapist.