Guess who got a graphic tablet for Christmas? No, really…guess! Yeah, it was me! Now I can draw a picture of a hippo carrying a balloon that looks like me!!! Is that awesome? Yeah.
It’s a PenPower Tooya graphics tablet. The awesomeness of the tablet is that it gives you a giant 6×10 inch drawing surface. The huge drawback is that you will have problems with the software. You will have lots and lots of problems with the software. We could not even get it to recognize the installation CD in my computer, luckily it’s plug and play so at least I can use it I just can’t adjust any preferences. Also, no installation number for the PhotoShop Elements Mac Version. again, ‘sokay, I have other software I can use it with.
Also, customer support from both PenPower and Buy.com is retarded at best. You will get no help with this product at all. BUT!! If you are persistent (and god knows I’m persistent) you can make it work! Also, if your boyfriend wants to return it because it doesn’t work, you should be really persistent about keeping it because it’s a pretty awesome present and you don’t want to give it up!
So, thanks David! Thanks for my graphics tablet (and my mp3 player and the wireless speakers and for cuteness).
more pictures later.

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  1. Truly, you have used the tablet for the forces of . . . well, you have used the tablet. Only history can judge you now.

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