This is who I am

I feel honored and quite loved because my sister bought me the BBC documentary, Life in the Undergrowth based on just one scene of slug sex. That’s it. She saw the slicky entwinings of a pair of hermaphroditic slugs getting it on and insisted that this would be the best present ever for me. She did not even know that I’d had it on my wish list forever!
slug sex. Nothing says “I know you so well” like slug sex.
also, much more to say, not enough time to say it. later later later.

2 thoughts on “This is who I am

  1. OH! I saw that years ago and the slug scene had me rolling on the floor laughing! It has the best music, too.

  2. Holy effing crap — I was just watching that *exact same clip* two days ago!
    Slugs are bizarre. The worst (best?) part is, I saw them actually mating while visting Germany. THEY WERE EVERYWHERE

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