oh my god, it’s true

Don’t go grocery shopping when you are hungry. Especially don’t go grocery shopping at 11pm on a Saturday night after you’ve spent the entire day doing but lazing in bed, crocheting, surfing the net or lazing…AND ESPECIALLY if all you’ve eaten all day is 1 box of candy hearts in español left over from last valentines day, some cashews and 4 shots of espresso over coffee ice cream.
We got some apples and bananas and pineapples…thus ended the reasonable portion of the trip. Prepackaged bbq ribs, 4 boxes of Hormel sausages with Tabasco, 1 pack of brats, 1 pack of cheddarwurst, 2 rope sausages, 5 pizzas, 2 boxes of cereal, 1 box of fudgesicles, 1 box of Kemps Float Bars, 2 kinds of croutons, a caramel apple (i wanted 2, David slipped on back into the bin. Grumpface), 5 packs of pudding cups, and…oh the shame…prepackaged iceberg lettuce!
this is why I am fat.
There used to be days where the conveyor belt was pretty much just squash and kale and zucchini and fennel and carrots and maybe a little pork roast for me. The worst thing we would buy would be the occasional box of mac and cheese or some ice cream. I’ve fallen so far! It was so easy too. I don’t watch tv, i’m not constantly inundated with commands to shove “current popular processed cheese food flavor snack chip” in my mouth. I don’t have to consider my placement in society based on my beverage purchase.
Hell, I don’t even have the urge to cook anymore. Half the time I’m looking for something that will fit in my mouth and isn’t fuzzy.
hmmmm maybe I should get a carbon monoxide detector…because something MUST be breaking my head.