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A while back I mentioned that I had taken the great leap into that standard middle america pool called “brain pill central“. I’ve not mentioned much about it, it’s really more of a struggle than I ever imagined it would be.
I pretty much expected 1 maybe 2 tries and we’d find the pill and I’d take the pills and it would be sunshine and ladybugs and regular vacuuming. Doesn’t work like that.
Anyway, this isn’t about my brain, but the side effects.
I’m currently on Effexor at 225 mg a day.
I have a hell of a time eating. Sometimes I start to eat but the feeling of food in my mouth becomes repulsive. Sometimes I eat a lot because it’s okay. Yesterday I ate 2 fat/sugar free yogurts and a banana (though I almost lost the banana when I smelled the peel taking a bite). Today I ate a yogurt and most of a scone, feeling lucky I ate a cookie and a piece of licorice. I think the cookie was fine, but the licorice was a mistake.
It wasn’t regular licorice it was this awful Danish licorice that didn’t taste like licorice but like someone managed to distill twelve pounds of ass into one tiny niblet. Now all I want to do is puke everywhere. This is awful. I want to go fetal and grab my belly and die.
I was actually feeling optimistic this morning after the scone. Tonight I am going to my dad’s to crochet with my stepmom. She’s making meatloaf tonight. I’ve been craving meatloaf forever and finally I am going to get it and I might not be able to eat. fuck.
On the other hand, I might actually lose some weight! I guess there’s a bright side to everything.
In brighter news, I finally found a crocheted hoodie pattern and a template for making sweaters that shows you how to calculate in variables like body size, yarn, stitch and hook. I’ll be making lots of sweaters!

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  1. Serinia is on Effexor and while she did lose weight at first, she gained it back over the last couple years.

  2. it will go away pretty soon. also? thats a really high dosage. have you tried all th elower doses already?

  3. I started out at 37.5mg, the lowest dose and since november we have worked our way up the scale. Effexor switches from an SSRI to an SNRI at 225mg. After much experimentation we’ve discovered that SSRI’s just don’t work on me, so we are working on the SNRI angle before we find ourselves in tri-cyclic territory. As it is, we might get me up to 300mg effexor before it’s over.

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