watch me…

I know I talk about my dogs too much, but yeah, they’re cool. Also…other things
1) tonight Chester started his obedience training. He’s smart, he took to it right away. He also started to calm down and not be so scared of other dogs. By the end, he was wanting to follow the dogs around. Not ready to ‘play’ with the dogs, but at least he wanted to be by them.
2) practicing his training at home means a million tiny cut up treats. it also means maddie gets many treats as well. It’s been a good day for them.
3) Pierce Fleming, International Vet of Mystery called me today to follow up on Maddie and see how she was doing (he actually made the follow up call, he didn’t just say he would). We discussed her drugs and adjusted doses accordingly. Also, Dena told him that I call him the IVoM and sent him the url. Hi Dr Fleming!!
4) Maddie is actually getting better. sometimes you know your dog is miserable but it slowly fades into place and you don’t realize just HOW miserable they are until they start to get better and suddenly they are BETTER. She’s brighter, more responsive, she wants to play with chester. There was a point last month where I was looking at her and trying to weigh her quality of life. Just how miserable and in pain was she? Was this ever going to get better? Is it fair to never feel relief from this pain. It was a really hard time, a terrible thing to have to think about. I only want my dogs to be happy and comfortable. Pierce Fleming, IVoM, might just make that possible for me.
5) April’s friend Nate was on Jeopardy today! Weird! I think he won. I’ll have to go over to my sister’s and watch the tape.
6) I’m making robot scarves, beaded scarves and little beaded bags. I can’t work on the finger puppets until I get that yarn untangled from when Chester got ahold of it.
wooo I need me some dinner and some sleep.