The day of the things that didn’t happen

Tonight was the first night of dog obedience class. It’s not an important night to be in class, mostly they just tell you why you want to train your dog, and how it should be done and then you talk about dogs. You don’t bring your dog to the first night, you just talk about dogs and everyone is really sweet and nice and we all grab each other’s metaphorical butts.
So, David and I take a quickie nap after work and then get ready to go. Of course I picked the obedience class at Southwest High School which is way on the other side of town as opposed to the one at Roosevelt High School which is 1) 10 blocks up the same road my house is on and 2) the place where David works. I just thought the description for the obedience class at Roosevelt sounded mean, besides, Ghengis went to Southwest for his classes. We get in the car and I totally know where I’m going, I give directions and we’re off.
Yeah, we’re off except I’m convinced the school is not as far north as David is telling me it is. It can’t be that far north, I’m sure of it! No, it’s got to be down here near the creek because that’s where I went with Ghengis and that’s where I took my knitting class….but where the hell is it? We can’t find it and I didn’t write down the address because why would I write down the address when I know where it is?
So we stop at a convenience store and they’re having some sort of Turkish birthday party which I’m thinking is pretty cool and also I’m thinking the owner of the store is going to hug me any minute. He’s so fucking happy and he has an accent and he keeps yelling “SOUTHWEST!! SOUTHWEST HIGH SCHOOL!!!” to his family. The teen girl gives me vague but good directions and I get out of there before they offer me cake because I’m pretty damned sure that if I was offered Turkish birthday cake, I would not leave and David would be stuck in the car waiting for me.
The school is, in fact, a full 10 blocks north of where I thought it was. Okay, fine. We get there and run inside ten minutes late. We go to the community ed office and ask where the class is and the girl actually looks sad! She’s sad! Apparently not enough people signed up in advance so they cancelled the class. David looks at me and I have to apologize for not calling in advance to make sure there was space and confirm the class was still going on. Do the responsible and smart thing? Nah, that’s just not how I roll.
We signed up for the class which started on Monday and I figure that’s fine because the first class always ends with somebody grabbing your ass. Or something.
We head out, wander around town and had dinner at El Norteno, (the place where we took Julie when she was in town oh so long ago). I wolfed down the chili verde with pork and potatos and drank one of the best horchatas ever. David ate something, I’m sure, but I couldn’t really focus through the haze of chili verde.
Speaking of food and dogs, we’re putting maddie on a homemade diet to see if we can alleviate some of the allergy issues she is having. Corn and wheat are common allergens for dogs, so we’re keeping her on plain beef, rice and carrot stews for now. So easy to make in the crock pot AND I roast the bones for Chester so it’s a win/win for everyone involved. Maddie LOVES her meaty dinners (like DUH) and I have no problem putting the effort in if this will keep her healthy.
I’ve said it before and I will say it again, when I die I want to come back as one of my pets!

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  1. I’ve been doing the Purina One lamb and rice and that has a lot of corn in it and that might be the issue. I looked up the Solid Gold and the ingredients look good, we meet with Pierce Fleming, International Vet of Mystery on Friday and after that, maybe we’ll have a good idea of where to go.

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