alright belindas

Totally trying to work off a hangover here. Let me tell you a few things I learned last night…
1) my grandfather’s cherry wine makes a great mixer.
2) tequila and cherry wine is a foul foul combination
3) it can be almost impossible to tell what level of drunk David is at. Apparently he was in the “way way” drunk category. I couldn’t tell.
4) do not fall asleep with a giant star candle burning next to the bed. Besides the obvious die in your sleep from the terrible raging fire possibility, you will wake up at 6am with a headache so bad you will pray for instant death. Not a hangover headache, that’s different, but a layer of pure crystalline pain sort of headache.
5) do not mention Ghengis to me while I am drinking so much. If you do then you will be forced to scrape my snot covered face off the kitchen floor and spend 30 minutes trying to comfort me as I sob uncontrollably.
6) don’t drunk dial certain people, minefields await.
7) drunk dial anna, she’s always a safe bet!
8) britney spears comes across as even more vapid, stupid and retarded when you are drunk. you kind of want to feel sorry for her, but she needs to take responsibility for her stupidity at some point (yeah, I watched Britney and Kevin: Chaotic!)
9) nothing cures a hangover better than 4 shots of espresso, a banana and a hot shower
10) happy long weekend peeps! enjoy it in trashy style

8 thoughts on “alright belindas

  1. SOME people don’t get a 3 DAY WEEKEND, so i would prefer that you don’t mention it, thankyouverymuch.

  2. yeah, you think, but I beat everyone! The head of the printmaking department just brought me a pint of Dove Mint Chocolate ice cream!

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