Good for you, red squirrel, good for you….freak

at a little wooden cabin
up in northern minnesota
we ran together down to the dock
and you jumped right off it
and from out in the water
you called me to join you
and i said baby i cannot swim
if i jump i’ll surely drown you
you said life has no limit
if you’re not afraid to get in it
and oh baby i jumped to you
since then there’s nothing i can’t do
Mason Jennings
I’m home from my camping trip. I’m tired but freshly showered and snuggled with the dogs I missed so much. There is so much to write about but I am exhausted and I don’t have time. This weekend I did a lot of things I never would have tried had David not been there to prod and support me, to convince me that I can do the things I never would have tried.
When this song played today I held his hand and a few happy tears fell. The weekend was lovely and I will leave you with this brief perfect moment snapshot…
Laying on my back on a blanket at our campsite. To my right is a popping campfire keeping me warm, to my left is a burbling stream. When I open my eyes and look up I see the sky filled with stars and ringed with trees. David holds me as the owls begin their nightly conversation.

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