Inverse Relations

Please, click this link and check out item number 18. Don’t worry, I’ll wait…..That’s #18
Got it? Read it? Got the premise?
Yeah, okay, so adertising…specifically the cult of personality advertising aka bumperstickers. There’s a car in the parking ramp where I work that sports a bumper sticker that says “Not Normal” and every time I see that car I think “your anti-Bush, pro-current alt-rock act stickers covering your black VW Jetta pretty much make it clear you are anything BUT not normal. Seriously. I bet if I met you, you’d be the most normal person ever. I bet you’re just a regular person with a standard sense of humor, politics that run middle of the road, musical tastes, fashion tastes and food tastes that are not so different.”
I’m not saying you’re boring, I bet you’re a perfectly cromulent person. You’re probably charming and you probably believe fiercely in teh things you believe in. You believe enough to attach stickers to your car to that effect. It’s just that if you feel the need to remind us that you are ‘not normal’ then you probably recognize that we have forgotten or do not seem to appreciate just to what degree you deviate from the normal and if the rest of us can not even see just how deviant or ‘not normal’ you are then…well…we are probably just seeing you for the normal person that you are.
I’m not ddissing your bumper sticker, it’s a very nice sticker, I just wonder why. If you have to advertise that you are strange, not normal or a freak you probably aren’t.
On the other hand, if you had a bumpersticker that proclaimed your adamant belief in your own bipedalism, I’d think that was pretty strange.
As for what is on my car? Not much yet. I have the parking sticker for the ramp, that pretty much lets you know that I am either staff, student or faculty at a little midwester arts college. I also have a one of those jesus fish reshaped into a science rocket and a minnesota public radio static window cling that I have not yet attached. I believe in science and I am a member of mpr.